EXPRESSIONS by Jo MITCHELL                  Artist   &  author

Air rank with evil-smelling smoke, pushed by dark winds, howling through his mind....”

Smuggled out of Nazi Germany as an infant, Paul Romanof is now a pensive journalism professor held captive by his parents’ tragic legacy.

He must contend with emotional obstacles: nightmares, strange compulsions, and the persistent memory of a youthful romance. He is about to become entangled in an incredible series of events which will enlighten the past, and illuminate the future.

Lilly Reuben: A gutsy reporter with her own mislaid story, starts out on a bitter February night to meet Paul at his home for dinner—the result of a personal ad. Caught in a surprise blizzard, she hikes to a convenience store when her car breaks down.

Here she runs into Dan Miller, a seductive trial lawyer with a singular —and depraved— agenda. Lilly is vulnerable prey to his fascination. Miller and Romanof live and work in the same area, unknown to one another. Yet they are bound by their history, Miller’s twisted ideology, and by desire for Lilly.

Lonny DuBois is a private investigator hired by Miller to conduct an extensive surveillance on Lilly. But DuBois, who has taken the job as a favor to a cop friend, soon realizes there is more reason to suspect his employer. What he learns will change everything.

Paul Romanof, Lilly Reuben and Dan Miller plunge blindly toward devastating revelations from which there is no return. With one prophetic exception.

“Tiny claws fixed to cruel perch, they sang.... their voice; a symphony of life....”

“ Jo Mitchell is a retired         private investigator, former investigative journalist, crime reporter, columnist and news editor. Her work has

appeared in nationally-

circulated publications, on educational television--and

has earned commendation from the United Nations


She was a staff writer with

The Sun Chronicle in

southeast Massachusetts, and

was later appointed to the

District Attorney´s Office. A native New Yorker, the author resides in northeast Georgia, where she pursues her passion

for painting. Her current, and preferred, medium is oil on

canvas through abstract expressionism.”

Dark Winds/Yellow Birds

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