EXPRESSIONS by Jo MITCHELL                  Artist   &  author


Scottie Farley:

A sensitive, withdrawn child connected to         painted sunsets and make-believe.

He lives with too much fear—and must    work up the courage to change that.

Sharon Farley:

His mother—overwhelmed by denial and dead dreams, she loves her children,  but is blind to the one truth she needs.

Steve Farley:

Father, lover, husband .  .  . monster.

Jessie Sandler:

Hired by the District Attorney to uphold  victims’ rights, she is both haunted and driven by a terrifying secret. She will do anything

to banish her ghosts.

Then she meets the


—and discovers the haunting

has just begun.


      ALL COME


in the maze of the court system—

and will finally comprehend Justice:

“. . . no gray or violet or yellow,

or any shade in-between . . .  

just black or white . . .

all or nothing . . . alive or dead . . .”

As A Dark Shade of Justice marches

uncompromisingly toward its

provocative conclusion,

Jo Mitchell delivers an insider’s


of one aspect

of the Criminal Justice System.

You will be drawn into the lives

of the characters.

You will feel their heartache,

frustration, anticipation and dread.

And, like them, you will not rest

until you know.

A Dark Shade of Justice available in soft cover, hard cover and e-book

or may be ordered from your favorite bookseller:

hardcover       ISBN: 1-4010-9011-7

softcover         ISBN: 1-4010-9010-9